Individual Comfort: Modena Bed by Parra

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People spend nearly one-third of their lives in bed, so it’s no wonder that a good mattress can have a significant impact on your health and wellbeing.  Not only are you getting rest for the day, but getting a good night’s sleep also relieves aches and pains, releases stress, and increases your positivity.  So get energized with a bed that truly works to give you the best in personalized comfort, whether you’re sleeping, reading, or watching television.  The Modena Bed from Parra is a full bed frame, tufted fabric headboard, and mattress set with individually adjustable sides for you and your partner.


Modena Bed by Parra

Moden bed design by Parra
Soft quilted pillow top allows for supreme comfort


The remote-controlled electric frame independently raises and lowers the top and bottom of each side of the mattress to conform to each person’s preferences.  Take the stress off your legs and ankles by elevating them slightly, or get comfortable for reading by sitting upright with full back support.  Your partner can change his or her settings for reading while you sleep and vice versa, allowing each person to have just the right amount of support.



custom orthopedic bed design

Adjustable bed


A side pocket on the bedframe holds each remote in place when not in use.  A soft, quilted pillow top allows for different frame positions while still creating a plush and luxurious feel.   The Modena bed by Parra is a blend of technology and comfort that will impact your life both when you relax and during the rest of your day.  Are you excited to feel the difference in life with the Modena bed?