Innovative Modern Rugs: A Baker’s Dozen

From a field of felt flowers to a simulated cross-section of a tree, this curation of innovative modern rugs stretches the imagination beyond its usual boundaries.  These designers bring the outdoors in, create optical illusions and commit celebrities to carpet for posterity; their creativity knows no bounds.  In materials spanning the continuum from light to luxe, these wool, silk and felt creations evoke a broad spectrum of sensations, but all of them are just a little beyond what’s expected of the everyday floor covering; each one is memorable for its own envelope-pushing boldness and unique visual punch.

field of leaves  innovative modern rugs

Little Field of Flowers Rug by Tord Boontje for Nani Marquina

cream petal rug

The Roses Rug by Nani Marquina

tree trunk rug

Creative Tree Cross-Section Rug from YL Design

textured modern rug

Hypnos Pure Wool Rug by Atelier Oï

jewel encrusted rug

Night Sky by Deborah Moss

white dreamcatcher rug

Caleido Contemporary Rug from Gandia Blasco

modern burnout rug

DIA Rug by Magdaleina Lubinska and Michal Kopaniszyn

modern cutout rug

Felt Rugs from Michelle Mason

missoni black and white rug

The Missoni Home Fleury Rug

handwriting rug

The Manuscrit Modern Rug by Nani Marquina

black and white quatrefoil rug

Black & White Modern Print Rug by Calligaris

bright stripes rug

Geometrix Rug from Surya

celebrity rugs

Celebrity-Inspired Modern Rugs UK