MidCentury Furniture Room

Integrating Mid-Century Modern Furniture Pieces

A trend on the rise, integrating mid-century modern furniture pieces, is all over the blogs, boards and magazines. We’re being inspired by vintage flavor but how are we to incorporate all of these pieces into our home without making our personal space look like it’s been redecorated and set right through a time machine? There is something special about these historic pieces and how the relate to a time when modern design was blossoming and people were considering alternatives to traditional decorating.  We’re here to share a handful of secrets and show off a handful of ideas on integrating mid-century modern furniture pieces into your vision and home! Take a look.

Neutral Chairs

Integrating Mid-Century Modern Furniture Pieces

If you want to add more than one large, mid-century piece into a space, make sure it’s of neutral tone. Take these two lounge chairs for example, they’re built to be a unique focal point for the entire living room, and they have a lot of pop and pizazz. But thanks to their charcoal colors they don’t overpower or make anything look too kitschy or overdone.

Blendable Sofas

MidCentury Furniture Sofa

If you’ve got a knack for color, use that to your advantage. Choose a mid-century piece that has lots of style and good bones, like this sectional piece. But, make sure the one you choose suits the room. Have it blend in with its surroundings to create the vision instead of being the vision.

Thematic Tables

MidCentury Furniture Table

Make a purposeful choice by adding furniture that fits your vision. Although this dining room doesn’t necessarily look like a silly, blast from the past, the mid-century table and chair sets works wonderfully with the rest of this simple, artistic and eclectically designed room.

Clean Desks

MidCentury Furniture Desks

Mid-century furniture is all about clean, robust lines. Use that when building your suave, contemporary home office. Whether it’s your desk or desk chair, choose a piece that has amazing lines and showcase it in your home office. Then use lots of fun, personality-filled pieces to balance the space.

Smart Pairs

MidCentury Furniture Room

Then again, a good way to integrate any type of thematic furniture is to create an amazing cluster. Pair up some of your favorite mid-mod pieces, ones with different colors and shapes and make a room that’s unforgettable. Don’t over-clutter or forget about strategic placement. Use the furniture as art!

all photos via Houzz

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