Interior Sliding Doors – 12 Wonderful Ideas for the Home

Considering interior sliding doors as opposed to the typical open and close variety can add a lot to a home.   First off, they can be fun and interesting in appearance and how they look more aligned with walls.   When is the last time that you saw one tastefully hung in a home?  The reason I ask that question is to point out how often these wonderful ideas are not used in the design of a room.  It may be that typical design standards in your country favor the more traditional variety.   In this article we have compiled twelve great designs that range from modern to traditional in nature.   It’s our hope that seeing these may provide some insight in how you can beautify your own home.

Frosted glass like in the above picture is clean looking and yet still still provides privacy.  This model has large handles to make it easy to grab and pull them apart.

This suggestion reminds me of wall panels in how it blends so easily in the room.   Here there is a very large space to a hallway that was blocked off.  If this space were to use a traditional door, then the wall would have to be closed off more to accommodate the smaller size.  When fully open, these panels create a very large opening into the room.

tasteful interior sliding doors in home

What a nice color that was selected in this floor plan.  It’s a great neutral that goes well with the wood trim and the flooring.

great staircase in small footprint home

You can see a small room behind this example and another space beyond which is likely a bathroom.   It’s hard to go wrong with this color scheme with the frosted look and dark trim wood.

Here is another glass example that opens up into a bathroom.   The natural light comes through this from the outside which adds extra light to the bedroom.

dining room with sliding doors

This concept was one of my favorites.  We all like an open floor plan, but there are times where having a more private dining area is preferred.  Think about an important dinner that your boss attends.  This model allows for such privacy, but can be opened at anytime.

The rustic wood really adds something to the room.  The wall is otherwise pretty bland and having this really sets it off.

This home owner wants a lot of openess and is less concerned with privacy judging from the color of the screens.  That’s a fine example of an Eames chair.

Sliding Entrance into a hallway

Tastefully done, the brushed nickel trim and dark stained wood looks great here.   Notice this is a narrower pathway, and the owner chose to not use a swinging door.

A hallway like this may not allow for anything to swing inward so in this case sliding works much better.  Also, think about how many times there is not enough room to open a door and you may be better suited to have a solution like above.

animal print closet entry way

You can have fun with patterns as is evidenced in this animal print leading into a large closet.

What a great idea and pattern this is.  The color is tuned in perfectly with the rest of the wall.

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Considering interior sliding doors as opposed to the typical open and close variety can add a lot to a home. First off, they can be fun and interesting