Interior Design and Space Planning made Easy

One of the most fulfilling projects many of you will take on is the interior decorating of your home. Some of the areas that will need careful planning are colors, furniture, and accessorizing. Getting the layout right and making sure all things fit properly is of course a huge part of the project. Simply visualizing it is not always possible, especially when the whole home or business is being done. There are some very good software packages available to help make things a lot easier. A very comprehensive program for all areas of your project is made available by Better Homes and Gardens. This well done planning guide will walk you through the entire project step by step. With special attention to space planning, color selection, and even wood trim this soft ware covers all your needs. You will be able to create your homes entire layout including walls, doors, and windows in one and three dimensional views. For other projects there are similar plans covering decks, landscaping, home design, and remodeling. There is also a professional architectural series that allows you to create your dream home from the ground up. As you would expect from a leading publication like Better Homes and Gardens, some really great room by room design and decorating ideas are shown. Best of luck in your interior planning!!

better homes and gardens interior space planner

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