It’s a Dog’s Life: The $1000 Canine Condo from Magis

It's a Dog's Life: The $1000 Canine Condo from Magis 9

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If you thought you were the only one in your household with a penchant for luxury, it turns out your eye for design might be shared by your four-legged friend-in-residence.  If that’s the case, Michael Young had your pup in mind when he designed the Magis dog house, an eye-popping orange polyethylene dog house on mini-stilts.  It’s basically a canine condo with a car port underneath, just in case Man’s Best Friend ever decided to pull up in a puppy Porsche.  Since presentation is everything for the dog who has it all, a small set of steps is included so Fido can ascend to his (or her) throne in style and survey the kingdom with ease.  The Magis can be anchored with water or sand in its base, and each house comes with a small brass plate above the door that reads “Amicus Fidelis Protectio Fortis,” which translates to mean “Faithful Friend, Strong Protector.” Available for $1,011. (dimensions: 19.1”w x 29.7”h x 35”d; entrance 10.4”w x 11”h)

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