Jacob Strobel’s YPS Extendable Dining Table for Team 7

dining table with cutlery drawers

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Inspired from the alphabet, the YPS extendable dining table is a combination between high quality and style that fills dining spaces with comfort, usage and aesthetics. Have a look at the legs and see if you can figure out the letter its inspired from!

walnut extendable dining table with storage

Jacob Strobel’s creation for TEAM 7 furniture can make all of your rooms more beautiful and natural. The YPS extendable dining table edges are milled at an angle endowing it with an attractive mix of modernity and conventional craftsmanship.
It appears to be straight, yet features no right angles, making it easier for kids to avoid bumps and bruises.
It can be combined with all sorts of dining chairs or benches – and even has its own optional range of dining and corner benches to complement it.

Jacob Strobel TEAM 7 tables

Even if walnut may be more costly than other types of wood, the decision to use it, was probably made because walnut is a good investment that will last for years and still look as good as new. Its more dense and durable, it does not scratch or stain easily. Also its natural knots and grains hide stains and marks if you’ll make them. Its solid wood construction means that even after years of wear and tear, it can be cleaned well and polished occasionally to maintain its finish.

yps bench with table and chairs

Another wow factor in this piece of furniture it is its space saving solution. Other then the fact that it can expand with one or two table inserts, a combination of a table insert and a cutlery drawer is possible, or one or two cutlery drawers.

YPS extendable dining table
Being an extendable table, makes it save extra space when not used, or a perfect piece for those who enjoy entertaining. It is very convenient and allows you to comfortably accommodate more diners.
Even in its extended form, what is revealed is a perfect, flowing design right down to the smallest details.

dining table with cutlery drawers