Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning: 5 Easy Ways

Even if the weather doesn’t coincide with the calendar … spring is here! And that means it’s time to start your clean up and sprucing up around the house. Whether you just want to reorganize the closets or dust every nook and cranny, this is the time of the year to do it. Get your home in order before the kids are out of school and summer vacation is on the horizon. And allow of to help you jump start your spring cleaning, in 5 easy ways!

1. First things first: Clean out those closets!

This is such an easy way to feel revived and refreshed for spring. Go through all the closets in the house, from the linens to the craft room to the bedroom. Purge what you haven’t worn or haven’t been using. Clean up the clutter and reorganize all the mess that have been piled in the corners throughout the heavy winter.

Jump Start Your Spring Cleaning

2. Dust the walls off – now!

Yes, dust the walls off. After a long winter, your walls go use a fresh dusting. From the woodwork to the wall art, it’s time to tackle the dust bunnies. Take a vacuum and get the grimy dirt up from the woodwork. Then take a microfiber towel to wipe up cluttered dust from the decor on the walls and one of those handy “magic erasers” to get off the dirt marks!

Modern Clean Hallway

3. Take a look at the carpets and rugs!

If you’ve got some carpet, it’s time to get the cleaning solution out and rent a cleaner. This will not only help with your goal of sprucing up the house, but it’ll also help out with the family’s allergies – believe it or not! Then grab all your rugs, take them outside and get them a good shake.

Modern Carpet Cleaning

4.  Pay attention to the mantle and  other nooks!

Sometimes you don’t have to clean, sometimes you really do have to do a bit of “sprucing” or “jazzing” up. From your mantle, to your side tables and all the way over to your centerpiece for the dining room table; it’s time to reorganize and redecorate! Change things out and mix and match, because this will give an instant lift to the entertaining areas of the home.

Modern Mantle Decor

5. Go on, grab your sunglasses and head on outside:

It’s time to start taming the yard. The first batch of grass cutting, bush trimming and overall pick up the of front and the back will help to revive the house from the outside in. Power wash the siding, take care of any fence or patio problems that happened over the icy winter. The sooner you get it done, the sooner the dread of it beginning ends!

Modern Yard Clean