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Just Keep Swimming: The Fish Condo Aquarium from Umbra

Fish Condo Aquarium

The Fish Condo Aquarium. Back in the day, a fishbowl was a fishbowl.  At some point in perhaps the 1960s, it became fashionable to have a fish tank, and with the largesse of the 1970s and 80s, it was tres en vogue to have a fish wall or pond, preferably filled with koi.

So it stands to reason that all these years later, we’ve now graduated to the level of — naturally, darling — “fish condo” or fish hotel.  Although we’re pretty sure all its inhabitants care about are clean water and an abundance of fish food, its creator — an industrial design student — modeled it after actual condos that house human beings — hence the name and Miami Beach-inspired appearance.

Crafted from glass and plastic, the Fish Condo is surprisingly rather small for its name (about 8 inches by 7.5, to be exact), but since everything’s relative, we’re willing to bet its diminutive size is a-okay for a pair of small goldfish.  Stackable in sets of two, each “condo” weighs about four pounds and comes in white.

The square glass bowl, which fits inside the plastic shell, is removable for cleaning…. because after all, if left unkempt, what would the condo board say?

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The Fish Condo Aquarium from Umbra


fish hotel - Fish Condo Aquarium

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