Keep Intruders at Bay with Alya c-33 Door by Sur Security Door

Security doors have become a common feature in many homes. As opposed to regular doors, they protect homes and give homeowners peace of mind. Their sturdy construction and heavy weight makes them more force-resistant than other doors. When looking for a good security door for your home, consider the Alya c-33 door from Sur Security Door. It is a stylish piece that provides security while still creating a gorgeous statement for your home. It is made with quality materials using the latest manufacturing processes and will adorn your home like an accent piece.


Alya c-33 Door


Alya c-33 Door by Sur Security  has a front made from tempered glass and a reverse with a wooden panel. Both sides have a width of 8 mm and the wooden panel is fitted in the middle and measures the same width. It has a shiny metal handle which makes it easy for you to open it. Alya c-33 guarantees total safety. It has a central lock system of 14 and is an excellent alternative to costly alarm systems. It makes you stress-free whether you are out of the house for a few hours or a month.


glass tempered security door design


It is never too soon to invest in a high security door. A security entryway can prevent break-ins and keep your family safe. Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, burglaries can occur. A security door is the only way to keep intruders out. It also gives the feeling that the place is secure making it hard for potential burglars to target your home. Don’t you love the trendy look of the Alya c-33 Security ?

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Alya c-33 Door
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