Keeping It Together: 10 Inventive Chests of Drawers

Chests of drawers serve an essential purpose: they keep our closets from looking like war zones.  Particularly for those who don’t have expansive, expensively-appointed walk-in closets, chests of drawers, armoires and vanities help separate entire categories of clothing from their counterparts, keeping things organized and orderly even for those of us with hectic, chaotic lives.  The elements in today’s roundup of images range from vintage chic to provocative art, from distressed blue wood to slick, hot pink lacquer-look finishes, even with a female form thrown in just for kicks.  Whether bright and bold or subtle and soft, these chests breathe new life into a bedroom while giving the closet a much-deserved break.  Fashion and function with a little extra fashion tucked inside the drawers? Yes, please.

chests of drawers

Handmade & Sustainable Alphabet Chest by Kent and London


blue chest of drawers

Blue Accented Chest of Drawers from Uniquely Yours or Mine


modern chest of drawers

Cartesia Storage Drawers by NOSIGNER


unique chest of drawers

Chest of Drawers by Wis Design


unique wooden dressers

Facecord Chest by Mark Moskovitz


artistic chest of drawers

Gen II Chest of Drawers by Peter Rolfe


black and pink dresser

Pink & Black Chest of Drawers by Katz


unusual chest of drawers

The Geography Chest of Drawers from Altard Designs


union jack chest of drawers

Union Jack Chest of Drawers by CLC Living


antique blue chest of drawers

Vintage Chest of Drawers from Blue Egg Brown Nest



Alphabet chest found at Kent and London.