Kick Back & Relax: 10 Pretty Poufs

cable knit pouf
Slumber Pouf by Aleksandra Gaca

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In honor of the fact that the weekend is fast approaching, today’s roundup is all about the act of putting one’s feet up and kicking back for a few days (or at least a few hours) of much-deserved relaxation.  So, we’ve pulled together ten pretty poufs, from soft and cozy cushions to sleek, slick objets d’art.  With living spaces shrinking by the day for both economic and environmental reasons, the old standby — the oversized leather ottoman — may not be quite as relevant as it once was.  And with the playing field being leveled across the world of interior design, thanks to the explosion of design sites like yours truly and all of our contemporaries, more and more homeowners and apartment dwellers are taking control of their homes’ overall aesthetic and having a bit of fun with their furniture, accessories and decor.  A little inspiration goes a long way; here’s hoping that, at the very least, today’s images inspire you to put those dogs up for a while and enjoy the art of doing nothing.  Happy weekend!

10 Pretty Poufs


pink pouf


looped yarn pouf


masculine poufs


upcycled poufs


sweater knit pouf


flower pouf


sleek pouf


purple pouf


grey pouf



Dew pouf found at Moroso.