Kid-Friendly: The Little Triple Chair by Frederik Roijé

Designed by Frederik Roijé, Little Triple Chair is a must-have furniture piece. It is comprised of a chair, table, and lamp. It is made for 2-6 year olds and is as comfortable as it is stylish. According to the designer, the chair emphasizes the value of reading for children. Your child can place his book on the table to read, draw, or do his homework. The lamp lights up their small world beautifully any time of day. You will love the furniture’s compact size and minimalist design and it fits easily into both small and large spaces and will be the highlight of your child’s room.


The Little Triple Chair by Frederik Roijé

three in one furniture design


The Little Triple Chair by Frederik Roijé looks good in residential spaces, daycare centers, and even libraries. It is made from wood and covered in a unique Polyamide fiber coating. The material is the same type used on the rear of children’s puzzles. It gives the design a soft huggable effect that appeals to children. Little Triple has a neutral hue and looks good in a variety of settings.


unusual contemporary small table


If you are looking for a modern piece of furniture for your little one, look no further than Little Triple Chair. It is both functional and chic and will make a perfect study area for your child. If you work from home, you can create space in your office for your young one to read and draw as you attend to your tasks. Don’t you think Little Triple Chair makes a good fit for your child?

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Little Triple Chair
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