Kids Bedroom Furniture – 50 Decorating Ideas and Image Gallery

Picking out the right kids bedroom furniture can be fun and exciting. In no other room in your home can you make such a splash with colors or decorative themes and maybe even create the room you would have as a child if resources were not an issue. For many parents organization is a must and you simply cannot have to much storage to pack away all of those toys that can really clutter an area. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words as the old saying goes so here we have complied some of the best looking rooms with bright and refreshing colors, and we know how much kids love cool colors. As you will see there are some great space saving set ups here with pull and fold out trundle beds, table and desks as well as storage cabinets in a wide variety of configurations which help you visualize so many ideas that may have gone overlooked.  It is our hope that you get some decorating ideas for your kids bedroom furniture and accessories, after all its the details that really matter. I will say one thing about these examples, no ones room will actually look this clean and organized so enjoy the pictures and good luck in your project!

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