Kitchen Floors – 12 Wonderful and Fresh Design Ideas

Kitchen Floors – 12 Wonderful and Fresh Design Ideas 9

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Kitchen floors can do wonderful things to bring out the overall design and theme of a house. Think about all the types such as cork, tile, wood, stone concrete and vinyl and how the texture and feel on shoes and feet can add to the room’s experience. On the design side there are so many color options that can compliment countertops, cabinets or a backsplash.   Patterns are popular options too with the most common being diagonal, circular or checkered in nature. We have included 12 pictures in this article that you can review for suggestions about making updates to your home.

black and white kitchen floors

cement kitchen floors

cream colored kitchen floors

glossy white kitchen flooring

granite kitchen floor designs

grey marble kitchen floors

kitchen flooring designs

kitchen tile ideas

marble floors for kitchen

This is a great example where the backsplash compliments the tile.  The smaller size works well with the larger squares as you pan the picture from top to bottom.

natural walnut kitchen floors

white marble kitchen floors

wood floors for kitchen