Kubo Shelves by Meritalia: Get Outside the Box

Kubo shelves
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Storage is usually considered a boring but necessary design feature.  That old mindset doesn’t apply to designer Karim Rashid’s Kubo shelves, however, because he brings a modern sense of playful chic into a piece of furniture normally tucked into a corner.  The Kubo shelves, crafted by Meritalia, barely even resemble the type of storage that you’re used to seeing in a living room or office.


Kubo Shelves by Meritalia

Colorful cubbie shelves


These shelves consist of stacked cubes, open on one side for storage and display.  With openings set in slightly varying directions, the unusual geometry adds depth and visual interest in a way that traditional shelves can’t replicate. Each open cube has a different characterizing symbol printed on the back wall for a fun and modern detail that adds personality.  If the design isn’t quite spunky enough, the multicolored boxes with different interior and exterior colors will surely get your attention.  The Kubo shelves by Meritalia are also available in black and white for a more subdued attitude.

kubo shelves design ideas

unusual storage design ideas

The shelf lends itself to a fun and casual living space that’s eclectic and trendy, but the black and white version is also a viable option in more sophisticated spaces that will benefit from the designer’s creative use of three-dimensional space.  The Kubo shelves break out of the traditional, rectangular wall shelf unit.  They are completely capable of standing in a corner or out in the open to be admired from all sides and display your belongings in full view.  Why not change the way you think about storage solutions with a Kubo shelf to hold your favorite things?