Laminated Wood Wrongwood Night-Table By Richard Woods

Translating utilitarian objects to art-pieces is always tricky but looks like  British artist Richard Woods and designer Sebastian Wrong has no problems with the Wrongwood Night-Table. A part of the Established & Sons ‘Collaborations’ program, this bedroom table/cabinet gets elevated to dramatic heights with its artistic design and the use of hues like yellow/red, white/green, white/black and pink/blue. Measuring 58.5w x 35.5d x 59.5cmh, the table echoes with eccentricity and is a great tool to bring a sense of individuality in the bedroom. Available from twentytwentyone, the Wrongwood Night-Table may evoke varied reactions but I can’t help be smitten with it.


Laminated Wood Wrongwood Night-Table By Richard Woods
Wrongwood Nighttable

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