LCD Monitor Hub Station Cleans Your Desk But Messes Up Your Display

I won’t blame you if your home office gets cluttered with unnecessary junk every once in a while. And that extra clutter will take away of the magic of the desk itself, especially if you have a modern kind of home office that you’d like visitors to notice for its slick lines and not the unnecessary stuff on it. That’s where the LCD Monitor Hub Station comes into place to help you neatly store all those things you need around you while working so you won’t have to place them on your desk anymore. The LCD Monitor Hub Station acts as a monitor frame that will fit displays measuring from 17- to 22-inches and offers storage space for documents, four storage pockets that would fit various objects and four extra UBS ports. Now removing all that clutter from your monitor, that’s another story. Oh, and in case you mostly use a laptop as your main computer then you should consider getting yourself a secondary display for this $61 LCD Monitor Hub Station to work.

LCD Monitor Hub Station 1.jpg
LCD Monitor Hub Station 2.jpg

LCD Monitor Hub Station 3.jpg
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