Le Comte Modern Children’s Room Chair for Ages 3-13

Finding the right armchair for a children’s room can be a challenge. Then finding one that can grow with your child and remain “in style” for the boy or girl is another story. Le Comte is a chair from manufacturer Hanke Gielen that is designed to remain “cool” for the child from ages 3-13. The chair is designed with a wide backrest allowing the boy or girl to snuggle up inside for reading a book or working on a project. The chair comes with an extra cushion upon which to rest the book or use for comfort. The rounded shape creates a “cocoon like” feel to make the child feel comfortable in the chair. When I look at Le Comte, I see a chair that mirrors an adult chair, but designed for a child. Price: $372.

Modern Childrens Room Chairs

Childrens Room Reading Chair

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