Lead Crystal Wine Decanters from Riedel of Austria

For the connoisseur of fine wines decanting makes all the difference in the world as it allows a breathing process that really opens up the flavor of the wine. Riedel adds elegance to the experience with a collection of wine decanters and wine glasses for every type of red or white. Here are a few of the crystal wine decanters including the “Swan” that Riedel released in limited availability as part of their collection for 2008. The body of the decanter mimics the gentle curvature of the form of a Swan with an exaggeratedly elongated straight neck that narrows to the elliptical lip, and is as fascinating to look at as it is functional to use. The Swan decanter does the job of separating sediment from older wines, while allowing the younger ones to aerate and mature. Mouth-blown and made of lead crystal, the Swan holds a standard 750ml bottle of wine. $395

Lead Crystal Wine Decanters from Riedel of Austria
Reidel Swan
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