Let There Be Light: 10 Beautiful Modern Lamps

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Curl My Light Lamp by Dima Loginoff

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For some reason, lighting options are endlessly fascinating things to browse through.  Maybe we’re just a bunch of magpies at heart, but shiny, luminous objects tend to catch our imagination and send it to wonderful places, giving us bright ideas (pun very much intended) for other objects of decor and color palettes in the spaces in which we’re visualizing the objects at hand.  Today’s roundup of ten modern lamps pulls together a mix of classic and modern, understated and cutting-edge.  Much like the rays they emit, these designs inspire and illuminate.

unusual modern lamps
Curl My Light Lamp by Dima Loginoff



unusual modern lamp
Abstract Lamp from Y Lighting



chic velvet lamp
Chic Velvet Lamps by &COSTA



spiral hanging lamp
Curl My Light Hanging Lamps by Dima Loginoff



white floral hanging lamp
Floral Hanging Lamp via Lumens



bendy desk lamp
Lumex Desk Lamp by Antonangeli Illuminazione



metallic disc floor lamp
Metallic Lamp from IKEA



modern floor lamps
Modern Floor Lamps from Design Italia



colored egg lamps
Noa Lamps from Lucente



pouring light
Pouring Light by Yeongwoo Kim


Pouring light found at Yongwoo Kim’s website.