Lighten Things Up with a Modern Curio Cabinet

Remember the old days when so many of the dining rooms looked the same, mostly traditional oak table, chairs, and the massive china cabinet that loomed in the back ground of every family gathering. Today things are still similar for the traditional furniture lovers, but for the modern furniture enthusiast there is a much lighter and cleaner look, and that’s all right with me. The modern curio cabinet is often more revealing with full length glass so all the goodies inside can be admired from all angles. The Modern Interni One Door curio cabinet from Rossetto’s Loft collection is my idea of good looking. The Interni is made in Italy and features glass shelves, glass door, light fixture, and black and white finish with metal accents on the sides for a very contemporary look. Rossetto makes a full complimentary dining series for the perfect modern dining experience. W22 x D16 x H71

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