Lights Out: 10 Simple Nightstands

We’re not sure if there’s any statistical information to back this up, but we’re fairly certain the nightstand is almost always the very last piece of furniture to be considered — much less procured — in any given renovation, redecoration or relocation in which old furnishings are switched out for new ones.  Even though it’s the first inanimate thing we touch every morning to shut off the alarm and the last one we deal with each night to take off our glasses, sip one last glass of water or put down a book, it’s typically at the bottom of our priority list when we’re re-doing a bedroom or moving into a new one.  So in honor of what we’re dubbing “the eleventh-hour piece,” here’s a roundup of ten simple nightstands with something for everyone, from the naturalist to the modernist.  Sweet dreams!

simple nightstands

Isabella Nightstand by RPKids



simple nightstand

Antiqued Nightstands via Natty By Design



simple night tables

Bonita Nightstand by Allan Copley



bright green nightstand

Chartreuse Nightstand from True Modern



blue kids nightstand

Kids Colorblock Nightstand by True Modern



illuminated nightstand

LED-Illuminated Nightstand by Rotoluxe



simple night tables

The Milena Nightstand by Global Furniture



simple night table

The Studly Nightstand from Worlds Away



simple white nightstand

Winsome Curved Nightstand via Mercantila



rattan nightstand

Woven Rattan Coco-Shell Nightstand by Indo Puri



“Studly” nightstand found at Worlds Away.