Ligne Roset Dino Collection By Eric Jourdan

With the Ligne Roset Dino collection, industrial designer Eric Jourdan plays with shapes and colors flawlessly. The asymmetry in the collection is no happenstance and nor is the architectural influences. The designer confesses that he was inspired by Marcel Breuer structures and wanted something equally powerful visually. The collection features tables, desks, sideboards etc and is available in veneered walnut and shades of gray and blue that further gets highlighted by the aluminum base.
Says the designer about the collection:

β€œis very architectural, I wanted to suspend blocks within the sides (curves here) and work on the level and colour differences. I had some Marcel Breuer structures in mind. I like the idea that the construction, the assembly of the volumes is present in the interpretation of the furniture which is in general closed boxes. With Dino everything is visually prominent.”

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