Linea Aqua Steam Sauna

Combination Finnish Dry Sauna and Steam Shower by Linea Aqua

Linea Aqua Sauna

The Belize Linea Aqua Sauna is a wonderful solution for any bathroom to provide day-to-day hygiene needs while promoting self wellness. This design is a combination Finnish dry sauna and steam shower all in one tidy cabin.

The name “Finnish sauna” refers to a small cabin designed for sweating where toxins are released from the body through perspiration. This model is great since it combines the “wet” with the “dry”.

Sometimes I want water therapy and other times a dry therapy. Some features in the Belize include: chromatherapy lighting, 4 body sprays, sauna stove, rain shower, and FM Radio. They separate the dry sauna cabin from the shower by using a sliding door.

There is a folding seat in the shower where you can sit and enjoy a shower or the direct massage jets. Measurements: 71″ x 48″ x 87″. Price: $5,000.


Linea Aqua Steam Sauna


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