11 Living Room Furniture Ideas to Brighten Up a Home

Spring will always conjure up feelings of renewal and rejuvenation. And a lot of times those feelings settle in the home and we start cleaning, organizing and redecorating for the year. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 11 living room furniture ideas and that will brighten up a home and get your creative wheels turning. The living room and the kitchen are the focal points and centerpieces of the family home, so it’s only natural we start there when it’s time for a sprucing. Let’s have a look!

casual living room decor

We are swooning over this eclectic mix of furnishings. From the plush, grey couch, sweater-knit pouff and quirky additions around the entire space, it’s quite the cozy and welcoming space. But it’s also full of personal charm, youthful appeal and trendy stylings. It’s the perfect inspiration for a young apartment or newlywed home.

high rise apartment decor

Here’s a youthful but more sophisticated and modern look for your home. We love the wood and black, chic finishes combined at the entertainment area and coffee table. But we also love the overall muted and relaxed look making a contemporary space still very welcoming and warm.

light wood wall units

Take a look around this femininely touched, rustic-infused, yet overall contemporary layout. The soft, light wood brings a natural, organic foundation to the sharp-edged space. The textural additions such as the rug and throw blanket add a coziness. And the electric fireplaces makes it a warm room for the family.

living room designs with colors

Here’s a great mix of color and modern inspiration. There’s nothing messy or overwhelming about the idea, even with the cherry red focus it’s not harsh on the eyes. We are loving the pops of primary colors on the couch, highlight the black. And we’re even more in love with the friendly tulips in the corner and easy shelving in the back for organizing.

living room with dark wood floors

Simple and clean with a pop of red, there’s a lot to love about this floor plan. The wall shelving is great for displaying and organizing, provide a lot of organizational space without being chunky, bulky or overwhelming. The seating is cozy and welcoming, but still very strong and contemporary.

living room with grey walls

There’s a lot of entertaining space available in this spacious example, but that means there’s also a lot for resting and relaxing. The lengthy couch, the extra accent seats and the area in between all provide for playtime and enjoyment. There’s a sleek tone and modern nature around the room as well with the simple coffee table and geometric-infused shelving.

living room with light wood floors

Here’s another beautiful picture full of modern appeal, neutral tone sand just the right amount of “pop” to make it interesting. The red accent chair is a beautiful focal point to the room and there’s a great amount of shelving, again, making it easy to display and organize all of your media.

living rooms with area rugs

There’s a certain femininity that’s felt throughout this interior design as well. With it’s softer tones and more delicate, light-hearted layout, it’s very much a womanly, pretty area. We’re especially fond of the textural, printed area rug that highlights every colored displayed throughout the room.

living rooms with gold wall

This den has quite the zen feel and we’re totally smitten over these plush, “marshmallow” inspired sofas. They couldn’t be more welcoming in design or perfect for this space. The low, coffee table may not be the most family-friendly but it has the organic, no-fuss feel that fits in the Asian interior design realm that makes the inspiration for this room.

living rooms with wall paper

Of course, we find the textured, printed wall a gorgeous addition to the space, but it’s the furniture that speaks to us in this great idea. Simple, clean lines that utilize the space in a precise, but never cluttered, way, it’s a great way to use neutrals and textures. We’re also noticing and loving the combination of ultra modern looks and zen vibes.

living rooms with white tile floors

Light, bright and classic, these living room furniture ideas have a formal feel and a sophisticated, feminine beauty about it. The slick, white sofa, the minimal surrounding elements and the gorgeous, sparkling light fixture hanging above, all come together to create quite the youthful and energetic space.

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11 Living Room Furniture Ideas to Brighten Up a Home
That's why we've compiled a list of 11 living room furniture ideas and that will brighten up a home and get your creative wheels turning.