Living Room Furniture Layouts : 12 Cool Modern Designs

When looking at living room furniture layouts there are so many things to think about. First off is color and what types of hues will blend together for the right look. Secondly, it has to be functional and meet the needs of your lifestyle. Do you like to read, watch TV or have guests over? Think about how the space will be used and how often the room will entertain people. Lastly, and perhaps most important, it has to be a reflection of your tastes and be something that you are proud to showcase.   In this article we have 12 very cool and modern designs that offer a lot of ideas around furniture selection, accents and colors. It’s a great way to get thinking about what is right for you.

asian inspired interior design

contemporary living room furniture layout

decorating with brown accent wall

grey living room interior

living room furniture layout

living room furniture layouts

living room with cement wall

living room with glass wall

living room with large sectional

minimal living room furniture layout

modern living room furniture layout

white and purple interior

All of these contemporary living room designs show so much character and thought put into the planning of how color, furniture and ideas come together.

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