5 Loft Beds With Stairs for Your Stylish Modern Space

Whether you’re looking for a space saver in your urban, studio apartment, or trying to find something for your teen’s room that adds a bit of modern flavor, a loft bed may be just what you need to infuse fashion-forward energy and functionality into the room. Extra storage, contemporary flair and trendy spirits all arise when you find the most perfect solution for your home. Let’s take a peek at some stylish options for loft beds with stairs, shall we?

Loft Beds With Stairs for Your Stylish Modern Space

Your son will love his fresh, masculine and super stylish new bedroom. The loft bed creates so much more space for relaxing and hanging out with friends. But, the bed, is still cozy and comfortable for weekends of sleeping in and lounging around. The white also keeps the space looking bigger and brighter than what it actually is.

loft bed with stairs

This crisp and clean room is given an extra bit of personality and chic feel with the addition of the loft bed. There’s more space for extra storage or closet organization underneath and there’s even more room for entertaining and enjoying in a small studio apartment!

Modern Loft Bed

This modern cabin has the addition of a slick and swift loft bed, perfect for extra guests or those that need a little extra privacy and comfort for a good night’s rest. We love that it just blends in with the walls and natural elements of this house so it doesn’t tear anyone’s eyes away from the style or its organic nature.

additional bed with stairs

Another posh and precise room, this hidden loft bed creates extra space in the house for family and friends! We love how this little nook was transformed into a cozy space for guests to enjoy. And we love how this creative mind utilized every corner of their home when thinking in terms of design and decor.

suspended bed with stairsa

Rustic flavor with a contemporary twist, this space is using every ounce of its cozy nooks and crannies. This makeshift loft was made in a way of stylish thoughts and functional goals. These high ceiling were utilized for more guest room space and modern fashion.

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5 Loft Beds With Stairs for Your Stylish Modern Space