Lumilove Panda – LED Cute Nightlight for Children

The Lumilove Panda is no ordinary panda and comes with special powers! Okay I exaggerate, but the Lumilove Panda is a nightlight which will be lapped up by your children. If your bundle of joy is scared of things that go bump in the night or has an imagination that regularly conjures up monsters, then the Lumilove Panda Nightlight for Children is the perfect companion. It glows gently by your child’s bedside to ease their fears  and also regularly changes to a variety of beautiful colors, from red to orange to pink and green. Equipped with low-energy LED, the Lumilove Panda Nightlight for children is completely safe and won’t turn hot either. The Lumilove Nightlight Panda can be purchased from Nubie.

panda nightlight


LED night light




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