Vegas Bathroom by Giemmegi Cucine
The Vegas Bathroom

Luxurious Oasis: Vegas Bathroom by Giemmegi Cucine

Gone are the days when bathrooms were muted, shabby spaces that added nothing to the overall ambiance of a home. Contemporary bathrooms are oases of elegance, luxury, and consummate intimacy. From sparkling lighting fixtures to carefully chosen color palettes, bathrooms have evolved in more ways than one. They have become an intricate part of our daily routine. Vegas by Giemmegi Cucine epitomizes high-end luxury and flaunts a modishness that offers solutions to contemporary bathroom aspirations. Its unique, modular design integrates volumes, textures, and densities to create an environment that is more than just a bathroom.


Vegas Bathroom by Giemmegi Cucine
The Vegas Bathroom
contemporary bathroom sink
Available in white or black


This modern bathroom features a vanity and sink as well as a standalone bathtub. Each element carefully complements the other giving rise to a wholesome space of ultimate relaxation. Made in American walnut, the vanity adds warm and pleasant accents and eases the rather intense construction of the cabinet doors. The black lacquer mirrors and doors infuse a sleek, glossy appeal that is illustrative of modern bath spaces. Deep black marble is utilized on the worktop giving it the unmistakable elegance espoused by marble stone. The interplay of different, high-rate materials adds texture, contrast, and depth to the Vegas Bathroom by Giemmegi Cucine.


Vegas bathrroom furniture collection
Don’t you just love its glossy bathtub?


The utilization of stone for the standalone bathtub is an innovative concept that taps into the need for durability, style, and function in the bath area. The sink, basin, and shower tray are also designed in fine stone to add a cool aura to the entire setting.

Which color palette would enliven your bathroom, pure white or bold black?


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