Mahogany Chippendale Dining Table, China Cabinet and Buffet Table

When I think of my grandmother’s place I think of a house full of older furnishings with steep roots in traditional design. Many of our design influences come from relatives and also the generation in which we live. It is funny today to see certain clothing come back in style that was in style twenty years ago. I also hear music that I grew up with that is now being used to advertise luxury goods such as a BMW.
Well my grandmother’s era was characterized by fine wooden furniture designed by craftsmen with a flair for intricate details. Often, the elegant legs or arms would have etchings or carvings that provide additional detail and flair to the wood. I found this Chippendale dining table set and matching buffet table and was reminded of such details. First of all, the set is made of mahogany wood. Furniture made in mahogany is almost a rarity to find these days. Pieces are stained in colors that reminisce of the fine wood, but they are usually not made of mahogany. I also see the detail trim around the table created by small carvings to enhance the table’s appearance. The chair backs also have matching carvings to create a flow to the room and to blend in with the table. The buffet table and matching china cabinet add to the steeped elegance of the room. This is a fine traditional set for any house. I would expect a grand dinner party to be served in this setting.
chippendale dining table set and buffet mahogany.JPG