Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair

Marcel Breuer Chair

One of my favourite pieces of furniture is the Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer, probably for its clean lines and creative design. I am a minimalist, and this chair lends it’s self well to an environment that is simple and streamlined.

Marcel Breuer was an apprentice at the Bauhaus in 1925 when he conceived the first tubular steel chair, the Wassily chair, based on the tubed frame of a bicycle. Knoll is the only authorized and licensed manufacturer of the Wassily chair.

Marcel Breuer’s signature is stamped into the base of the frame and every chair has an individual identification number to verify authenticity. If it does not display the Knoll logotype and bear Marcel Breuer’s signature, it is a counterfeit.

Protégé of Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer embodied many of the School’s distinctive concepts and was one of the School’s most famous students. He returned to teach carpentry from 1925-1928, during which he designed the tubular-steel furniture collection.

His attention drifted towards architecture, and after practising privately, he worked as a professor at Harvard’s School of Design under Gropius. Breuer was also honored as the first architect to be the sole artist of an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Best Office Chair in the WORLD:



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Marcel Breuer Wassily Chair looks good but would you be comfortable sitting in it.