Marston Sleigh Bed from Restoration Hardware

The Marston Sleigh Bed from Restoration Hardware is a great looking piece of furniture that is made right in the USA. The bed is made from solid North American black cherry and cheery veneers. I really enjoy this bed and will tell you that it works in almost any setting whether your house is more traditional or modern. Another option, not shown in the picture, is to not get the foot board and just have the frame wrap around the foot of the bed. This option is a little less inexpensive and looks great. I know some people don’t want the high foot board since it may block the view to the television.

A great feature of Restoration Hardware’s Marston line is that they use the old artisan furniture technique of mortise and tenon joinery. This is where adjoining boards have grooves in them so that the board which meets it will fit into the grooves and create a secure, solid frame. Mortise and tenon joinery are used in place of nails to secure the frame. Most furniture today uses nails or glue to affix boards to one another. The mortise and tenon joinery is a technique that was developed centuries ago when these options were not available or when the use of nails was frowned upon as it took away from the craftsmanship of the furniture piece. I can tell you from personal experience, that the Marston sleigh bed is a quality piece of furniture, that is heavy, constructed well and made of hardwoods.
The queen version measures: 65″W x 96-3/4″L x 51-1/4″H
Price: $2995 – $3295

Restoration Hardware Marston Sleigh Bed.jpg