Martin-Baker Mark 2 Automatic Rocket-Powered Pilot’s Ejection Seat

Men and their toys! For decades women have tried to figure out their partners fascination  towards expensive but rather pointless gadgets. It is  like they are programmed to gravitate towards anything that is techie and hideous! Case in point the Martin-Baker Mark 2 Fully Automatic Rocket-Powered Pilot’s Ejection Seat which no one women would like to have it in her living-room however it would elicit the opposite reaction from the guys. This Cold War artifact from an English Electric Canberra Nuclear Strike Bomber is currently selling for $35,000 and is displayed at the Nicholas Brawer Gallery, Manhattan. The fully automatic rocket-powered pilot’s ejection seat has been soldered from blocks of steel, brass, and aluminum and one will also come across a cartridge-operated canopy jettison system. Originally commissioned for the Royal Air Force, the chair also features a telescopic ejection rocket which thankfully has been deactivated.

 Martin-Baker Mark 2 Automatic Rocket-Powered Pilot's Ejection Seat

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