Massaud’s Kennedee Sofa by Poltrona Frau

Famed furniture designer Jean-Marie Massaud gets his inspiration from many elements and generations. For his latest offering he teamed up with Poltrona Frau to produce the Kennedee modular sofa sectional capable of an infinite number of combinations with different elements allowing free creation. If the 50’s and 60’s come to mind its because Massaud studied designs that were popular during that era to create a sofa reminiscent of “the golden and lighthearted era of Jacqueline Kennedy’s modern, carefree, and sophisticated elegance”. Poltrona Frau is know for handcrafted workmanship and every detail is perfected by age old artisanal skills making their products as quality made as they are stylish.

Kenneedee Sofa Poltrona Frau