Medical Furniture Recliner and NeoCon Gold Award Winner

None of us want to be in a situation where we need medical treatment. Worse yet is when you have to rely on family, friends, or medical professionals to assist you in your daily activities. So when it comes to medical furniture, how aesthetically pleasing is that to your house design? Typically, medical design focuses more on functionality as opposed to visual appeal. The Open Arms Patient Chair from Cabot Wrenn goes against the grain with this piece which was a winner of the NeoCon Gold Award in 2008. The medical furniture recliner is designed to provide improved access to the patient and to help the patient get out of the chair. My favorite aspect of this piece is its good looks. Pictured here in leather, Open Arms comes in many other leather colors and fabric options as well.

Medical Furniture Recliner and NeoCon Gold Award Winner

Medical Furniture Recliner for Patient Access

Medical Office Furniture

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