MESH office storage collection from Piure

Slim aluminum profiles, colored or chromed, perforated sheets and colored glass: MESH office storage collection creates a color and light mix and a friendly atmosphere. To get the best work from your employees and create a happy environment, it is important to use the space you have to its optimum.
Definitely, keeping an orderly office is imperative and the best way to achieve this is to add some office storage systems.

Mesh office storage collection by piure
When you think about the best materials for work areas, you usually only have 2 options to choose from and they are wood and metal.
Not Anymore! The Mesh office storage models now feature a combination of these two materials and glass and you can choose them if it fits your requirements and preferences.

glass metall and wood furniture
The designer, Werner Aisslinger, shows in this storage furniture the German sobriety keeping its designs almost at the limit of beautiful, but still managing to intrigue and make its products desirable.

glass storage unit with metal frame
The Mesh Office Storage furniture from Piure is a German collection and stands for quality and longevity combined with finesse, refinement and subtle simplicity. A mix of plain cupboards, cabinets and professional storage units that are made to find the most comprehensive storage possible.

black perforated metal funiture
Every office is different! You have to look at the available space in it. You cannot just pick any size of fixtures or you may end up with either too big or too small furniture. And this is also the idea that Piure  collection followed : all work areas are different, so is our furniture!

metallic designer furniture
The proper office storage system gives a better look to any workstation as well. Piure is activating on this area from 2006 and has behind a team of specialists in manufacturing and design. Their production is allocated in two qualified, high-tech manufacturing sites in Germany and their knowledge allows them to play with different materials, yet offering classic and functional office designs.

blue document holder for offices

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MESH office storage collection from Piure
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