Metal Accent Tables – 9 Fun and Wonderful Designs

Metal accent tables are a great way to complete a living room design by combining with upholstered furniture.   From a designer’s perspective, these can add a modern touch to even more classical styled furniture.   One benefit is their strength and overall sturdiness.   A small or thin amount can easily support the weight of drinks, magazines, lamps and accessories.  It’s also has great durability and can be cleaned very easily.  These beauties can also be rather light when made of strong alloy which allows them to be moved around easily.  Many people move them around as they change seating say from a recliner to a sofa.  Our editors found nine designs that feature many different shapes and sizes as examples on what style may be best for your home.

Here is an example where the steel is very thin and yet can easily support the tabletop and pottery in the above picture.   This simple look would go great with some bulkier furniture to help provide some balance in a room.

furniture design using triangles

This model takes its inspiration from a cage or type of fencing.  The woven pattern may be too busy for some people, but others will fall in love with it.  Another image in my mind is that a of a basket.   The use of triangles is pretty uncommon in design so that is one other dimension this piece brings.

nesting accent tables with glass legs

Nesting ideas such as what you see above are wonderful.   It’s great to be able to tuck away the extras when not in use.   Space is such a challenge in most rooms so this is an added bonus.  It’s interesting here that the top is what is metal and the sides are glass.  It’s unusual styles such as this that are great to see when looking at many pictures at one time.

Aren’t these very interesting?   The bases of them are over-sized and and look like a piece of pottery.   White ceramic will go well in nearly any room and here meshes well with the floor.

This style reminds me of a TV tray with the way the legs are positioned.   Chrome is a great color to bring into a room and you can see how well it works with the natural light coming in from the windows.

Art becomes sculpture in this suggestion creating a unique looking suggestion.  With an idea such as this, a home owner is trying to draw attention to the interesting styling making this a centerpiece in a room.  This may be too much for many of you, and that is fine if your tastes would suggest something more conservative.

This is perhaps the most ornate of the nine.  The cylinder shape is highlighted by small circles up and down the edges.   Notice the theme of browns and tans.  This idea works well in that color scheme.

metal accent tables for a home

This idea reminds me of a bongo drum if it were stripped down to the frame and were made of chrome alloy.   This is a very universal shape being tall, but having some curves.

In closing we have this simple piece that again features very thin legs crossed at the base.  The look makes the furnishing appear petite in stature.  It’s not that far off from a bar stool design when I look at it closely.


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