Metal Bird Feeders and Bird Baths by Artist Ian Gill

Ian Gill takes his inspiration from nature in the shape of abstract forms. As an artist, Ian’s main focus is in the area of sculpture working with metal, wood, and stone. I was inspired by his works in bird feeders and bird baths that are featured in this story. I really like the abstract approach of the metal shapes where from my perspective they blend in well with nature. The color of this metal is one of my favorites in outdoor settings. Ian also has many larger sculpture works that are perfect for city parks and properties. Metal is particular resilient outdoors making it a great long term investment. I find these bird feeders and bird baths to be a bit different that what’s in the retail stores today which first “peeked my interest”.

Bird Feeder and Bath Sculpture

Metal Bird Feeder and Bath

Metal Bird Feeders

Bird Bath Sculptures

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