Milk Workstation Designed For The Mac Community

Its no secret that Apple aficionados (including yours truly) are finicky when it comes to elements like design, aesthetics etc and the Milk Workstation has taken this in consideration. Designed for the mac community, this streamlined desk may be a tad over-engineered but no one can doubt its contemporary appeal. There is a thought behind every each design decision and minimalism is the key here. So those who want to perch their Macs prettily and have quick access to their iPods, iPhones and their Mighty Mouse know what to shop for. As you can see here the storage space usually included for the typical files is not included allowing a clean linear look accentuated look. The super cool fish tank ads a nice touch to break up the monotony of a long work day.

ultra modern desk for apple products
super modern compter workstation
desk with ipod docking station
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