Mirò Table by Cantori
Mirò boasts the timeless aura of iron furnishings

Mirò Table by Cantori: Infusing Glitz to Modern Living Spaces

The calligraphic curlicues derived from intricate scrollwork bring out the timeless appeal of wrought iron designs. In the history of metallurgy, handcrafted wrought iron carried with it a luxurious panache that is still as relevant in modern décor as it was in the past. The Mirò Table by Cantori is a contemporary reminder of the innate flamboyance of wrought iron and its ability to infuse an enduring elegance into interior and exterior spaces. Few pieces of furniture carry with them the ageless aura that is ever evident in rustic iron furnishings.


Infusing Glitz to Modern Living Spaces

Forged iron coffee table design


Dexterously handcrafted, the Mirò Table by Cantori is a merging of classical grace and contemporary aspiration. Its intricate curves of beauty and impeccably molded spindles birth intricate scrollwork that makes up the table legs. Evidenced by the smooth curlicue, specialized artisanship and an inclination to flamboyancy influenced the construction of Mirò.  The continuous wire feed and dainty scrollwork made of 8mm solid, hot-bend wrought iron fastidiously buttresses a delicately transparent glass top. Polished with a glimmering metallic finish, the iron buttress is cast in a luminosity that adds a soft undertone to dining spaces.


oval glass top forged iron table


Grounded to produce a flat and matte surface, the smooth sensuality of the oblong glass top is reminiscent of silky porcelain. Eight intricately smoothened layers meld into each other forming concrete glass that extends a lingering elegance to the entire table. Mirò’s polished and hefty construction renders it resistant to the elements. In its undeniable versatility, it will add a tender contemporary aura to living spaces, whether used as a dining height or coffee table.

Do you fancy Mirò as a dining or coffee table?



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