Mobia Treadmill By Frog Design

Unless you have some masochistic tendencies, chances are you see your exercise regime as a necessary evil. No matter how fancy the fitness club is, sweating it out on the treadmill is never fun. However the smart folks over at Frog Design have teamed up with Nautilus to revolutionize the treadmill. Case in point the Mobia which is their fun take on the treadmill. The Mobia looks great and has been designed to blend with modern aesthetics. It is also more energy efficient than regular exercise equipment and the space saving designing ensures that you can tuck it any corner of the house.



Mobia’s treadles let you WALK forward like a treadmill. Since they move independently, you also STEP UP like a stair climber. Combine these two actions and you get an intense workout with the smooth, LOW-IMPACT motion of an elliptical.

With a maximum speed of 4 mph, Mobia’s 3-in-1 motion gets results even at a walking pace, helping to reduce the impact on joints and muscles.

Activate more of your lower body and core muscles simply by walking. As you step forward and up, the treadle rises to meet your foot. Your natural movement pushes the treadle down against the resistance.

In a study conducted at New York’s Adelphi University, Mobia® modality burned up to 2 times more calories in 30 minutes than a treadmill at the same speed!

This innovative 3-in-1 technology is available exclusively from Nautilus –– don’t accept imitations!

Mobia’s sleek, intuitive console design lets you take control of your workout with a push of a button.

Included Essentials: Every Mobia® comes with must-have essentials for your workout including a Telemetry Chest Strap that wirelessly monitors heart rate and the specialized Nautilus® Nutrition Plan and Introduction to Fitness Guide.