Modern Dining Room Tables – 13 Cool Ideas and Photos

Give the dining room in your home a face lift with a brand new table to hold as your central point and foundation of style. This space is where you’ll host family dinners, holiday gathering and maybe even celebrate a birthday or two, so it’s important that you create a welcoming ethos but one that also goes along with the stylish nature of your home. We’ve compiled a list of modern dining room tables including 13 cool ideas and photos to help inspire your next redecorating project!  These designs are sure to inspire your home and make a statement at your next dinner party.

contemporary dining tables with pedestal base

Although this contemporary suggestion as the smoothest and sharpest of lines, it also has a very warm, welcoming and zen feel about it. The mixed material feel and architectural style create a very interesting space but you’ll need to make sure you have a lengthy or very open room to make this piece stand out.

contemporary wood dining table

Here’s another beautiful, architectural idea that combines quality function with artistic presence. You can see it in the foundation of this design where the sculpture and art essence lies. So not only are you getting a great piece of furnishing, but you’re getting a piece of art for your home as well.

expandable modern glass dining table

This ultra modern picture has a gorgeous glass top with a artistic, sculpture like foundation. Again, this is a functional piece that serves a family well but with a punch of artistic style in its overall look. Since it’s a thinner, more elongated design, you’ll need a room that can deal with its shape and not overcrowd or stifle.

large square dining tables

Futuristic and bold, here’s an idea that is infused with a very masculine style. It’s sharp nature and slick colors don’t give any leeway in terms of a womanly touch, so it’s important this piece fits inside a home that needs a more fashion forward and entertaining only vision.

modern dining table with chrome base

We are loving the contrast that this home furnishing holds. The mirrored bottom adds some extra light illusions and interest while the thick, black tabletop can be a great place to entertain but also gather around and enjoy a family game night!

modern dining table with thick wood top

Take a look at this beautiful design! The wooden top is gorgeous on it’s own as you can see the lines and natural finish without any distraction. Then the legs of this beauty add a modern, artistic accent making this a very versatile and blendable bit.

modern dining table with two bases

This model is similar to its partner above but with a far less bulky, overall look, which makes it a great choice for smaller homes or smaller dining spaces. You can easily fit a family around and because of its neutral, yet approachable design it’ll have no problems fitting into a variety of different homes.

modern dining tables with pedestal base

Here’s another classic, modern piece built for a classic, modern home. Paired with a black, white and mirrored room this furnishing becomes the easy focal point of the space as it stands boldly and powerfully. We also love a splash of black and this will never go out of style.

modern glass dining table with wood base

You may not be able to see the entire design or the space around it, but we instantly fell in love with the photos we did get. We love combining the natural, traditional elements of a homey home with more modern accents and this table does it quite well!

modern round dining tables

Although this is quite smaller than the other products in this list, it deserves to be featured due to its stunning presence. Round shapes are a more unique choice and with legs like this curved and femininely modern piece, you’ll blow your family and guests away with its richness and cool visual appeal.

modern square dining table

This take a note from its predecessors and combines function with art yet again. The glass tabletop is a very popular choice in modern design but the foundation acts as an art piece, focal point and personal touch to a minimalistic and smooth room.

sleek modern dining room tables

This piece is one of the most traditional of styles on the list as it uses wood and a chestnut, cozy finish on the entire table, besides one of its creamy white legs which adds just enough contrast to make it interesting. This fits inside any home or style genre as well from modern to casual.

ultra modern dining tables

What do you think about a modern table that comes with its own place settings. This futuristic design is definitely a one of a kind design with so many benefits and unique elements. If you have the space, we urge you to make a bold choice such as this

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Modern Dining Room Tables - 13 Cool Ideas and Photos
We've compiled a list of modern dining room tables including 13 cool ideas and photos to help inspire your next redecorating project! These designs are