Modern Murphy Bed Ideas

Murphy beds are great for apartments, bachelor pads, dorm rooms and even in a house that doesn’t necessarily have a lot of space for chunky furniture pieces. If you’re trying to utilize as much room as possible and need the spare bedroom or above-the-garage area as your office space and also to be used for guests coming over for the holidays or out-of-town visits, then functional, versatile and surprisingly stylish Murphy beds are something you should be looking into. Luckily, we’re here to share some modern ideas to inspire your redecorating project or next big move!

Chic Office Turned Classy Guest Room

Modern Murphy Bed Ideas

The bed hides and becomes a part of the wall shelving during the day for office use. Then, when it’s time for bed, it folds down to reveal a quint and comfortable place to rest. And it fits neatly inside this small, elongated room. The color palette in this space also helps to keep things clean and precise, using the classic black and white with bouts of red and yellow.

Cozy Living Room Turned Welcoming Guest Room

Modern Murphy Bed Living Room

Contemporary in style but cozy and warm in vibe, this living room is perfect for socializing and gathering with the family. But when it comes time for bed, you’ll need an extra bit of space for your loved ones to rest. And with this media store cabinet turned Murphy, you get a two for one in functionality and style.

Slick Nook Turned A Guest’s Fashionable Escape

Modern Murphy Bed Nook

At first glance, this nook may be just a neat and shiny nook. But when it’s time to grab a quick cat nap, relax and read a bit before dinner or have one of your best friends stay over while they come to visit during the holidays, voila, a chic little bed comes sliding out of the wall. And look at the beautiful wooden backdrop!

Beautiful Wall Divider Turned Hidden Hideaway

Modern Murphy Bed Wall Divider

If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous open space in your home, or you have a spacious studio apartment, you may want to use a large piece of storage like this wall divider and Murphy bed combo. During the day, this stunning divider keeps the office, living room and dining separated nicely. But at night, you get your comfy, cozy bed in an instant!

Stunning Study Turned Easy Guest Room

Modern Murphy Bed Study

How about taking the bed out horizontally? This small, hidden Murphy bed is a convenient little piece to have in the house anytime a guest has come to stay a while, or even if you just need a quick nap during the work week! And of course it blends right into the stunning wall fixture during the day when you need a crisp look.

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Modern Murphy Bed Ideas
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