The Modern Nursery in 5 Different Styles

The nursery is such an important part of getting ready for a pregnancy.  This room is often where we bond with our children and envision holding them before they are even born.  It’s no surprise that new mothers want to make this space as beautiful and relaxing as possible, but nurseries have come a long way since just using pink or blue.  A modern nursery incorporates new styles that can be a reflection or extension of their overall home.  With all of the lovely baby decor around today, you can really dream up just about any theme and making one that is unique, but modern may be the best way to go since for the first couple of years of baby’s life they will be spending endless hours in their chic new nursery.  Here are 5 different styles of modern nurseries to help make the transition easier and more fashionable at that.

Eclectic Glam Nursery

This nursery could be great for either baby boy or baby girl.  It effortlessly blends a chic white decor with dreamy pastels from the painting to the pillow and curtain accents.  It can even be a great transition to a toddler room with a bed.  Add a big bright window and comfy chair and you will love spending time here bonding with your new baby.

eclectic nurserySource

Elegant and Feminine Nursery

This nursery is definitely all feminine and full of tiny elegance.  This room looks like it was built for a little princess and that’s exactly the type of room the designers had in mind.  From the mini chandelier to the curvy photo frames, this room has just the right touch of elegance while still maintaining a comforting space for baby and family.

pink nursery

Rustic Nursery

Though this nursery appears rustic and a bit outdoorsy, I could easily see this being for a boy or girl with a few different elements moved around.  The wooden door adds such a fun element to this nursery and really brings the whole room together.

Rustic Nursery

Modern Geometric Nursery

This geometric nursery would be lovely for a boy and I could still see it being for a girl too or perhaps twins!  The triangle decals on the ceiling are a wonderful focal point for baby to fall asleep to and the other subtle geometric prints sprinkled around the room really tie in well together.

geometric modern nursery

Mid Century Modern Nursery

This nursery screams mid century modern and it looks like a nursery for a little man.  The clear crib is something you don’t see in every nursery and it can be a great way to make sure baby is sleeping safely inside their crib.

mid century nursery

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The Modern Nursery in 5 Different Styles
The Modern Nursery in 5 Different Styles