Modern, Retro Breakfast Nooks

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen big enough to hold a breakfast nook, embrace it! Use it to sit and chat with friends in the evening and enjoy your bowl of cereal and warm cup of coffee in the morning. Better yet, style it so it pays homage to your modern spirit and love of retro design. We’re compiled 5 of the most charming and adorably decorated breakfast nook that hold contemporary flair and old-age spirit. Take a peek!

Retro Breakfast Nooks

This citrus-inspired escape meshes contemporary flair with touches of fun, retro charm. The patterns are plucked from the 60’s and the furniture mixes the fashion-forward trend that relies heavily on thoughts of the past. We are loving this bright nook that’s sure to wake you up in the mornings! And notice the light fixture, which really brings the theme full circle.

Breakfast Nook

This colorful and lively corner is the perfect spot to drop off in the afternoon, do some homework and enjoy a snack. The chairs are another great blend of modern and retro spirits and the colors sing a song of the future. The light fixture here are helps to expand the decor and we love those dipped plate accents on the walls too!

dining furniture

We are huge fans of bright, crisp white foundations. It become a clean palette to play with and that’s really when you can get creative and spark an adventure. Take this nook for example. It lays in a white presence and the pops of colors set off the modern, retro vibe with an easy ease. Not to mention that toaster adding even more vintage flair.

modern nook design

A bit more of a traditional design, this corner is cozy and welcoming. The leather, tufted seat adds that retro style we all love as does the table. Paired with the rest of the room it easily blends with a homey house with all the stylings of a comfortable corner.

cozy and welcoming designs

Pastel hues and a nod to the cafe or diner that’s been down the street for years, this is a fun little breakfast joint that you’ll enjoy any part of the day. The cool blues, the polka dots … it’s all very 1950’s without becoming too kitschy or dull. Of course, the “cafe” wall art helps with the subtleties as well.

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Modern, Retro Breakfast Nooks