furniture modern sofas mdf italia

Modern Sofa from MDF Italia with Variable Depth Seating

Modern Sofas

Modern Sofas are the rage. It doesn’t get much more clean and modern than the Bay sofa from MDF Italia. This sleek low sofa allows for various seating depths thanks to a slightly curved back rest that reaches its maximum depth in the center.

The Bay features variable-density polyether foam with removable fabric upholstery or fixed cover in leather, and chrome plated steel legs.

Sofas 210, 230, 250, 270 cm. Depth 90 cm, height 64, seat h 39 cm. See the rest of the modern sofas, chaise lounges, and armchairs from MDF Italia.

sofas modern seating mdf italia


furniture modern sofas mdf italia
sofas contemporary seating mdf italia
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