10 Must See Modern Trundle Beds Perfect for Small Spaces

First and foremost, what is a trundle bed? Usually seen as a set of twin mattresses, one lies atop while the other is pulled out from underneath – almost as “storage.” Other times you may see a trundle pulled from underneath stairs or another living area of the home. They’re great for small bedrooms and apartments or when you need to save some space – or even create a versatile guest room that is deemed for both care-taking and entertainment. Another great use for them is with children. They can have guests sleep over and this idea can solve the problem of extra bedding.  Here are 10 Must See Modern Trundle Beds Perfect for Small Spaces that inspired us for their ability to conserve space while also offering several different decorative themes that can fit into a flat, apartment or home.

beige childrens bedroom

This system is the perfect option for your space-saving needs. It’s great for an apartment and the pull-out hiding underneath the home office space makes it easily accessible and super sleek once nighttime rolls around. We love that it can stay hidden during the day, making the space easier for entertaining and keeping a private space under wraps.

bunkbed with trundle bed

This is a great way to utilize a medium-sized bedroom but make it for workable for two. It’s also a great way to add extra space for your little one’s room when he’s ready for his first sleepover. In the meantime, that extra, pull-out can be relieved of the mattress and used for extra storage. When everything is neatly coordinated into one corner, you’ve got the rest of the space for playtime, homework and lounging with friends!

contemporary boys beds

A daybed for all week long, but once the weekend rolls in and your best friend decides to stay over, you’ll need that hideaway mattress that’s been sitting underneath your own spot. We truly can’t get over the innovation as it truly utilizes the smallest or biggest of rooms while remaining modern and stylish without too much fuss or overwhelming looks.

girls pink bedroom

This bedroom was already built for two, but your daughters won’t be alone all-year long. There will be plenty of nights when a sleepover ensues or cousins stay long enough to need a place to nap. That’s where this underneath model comes into play. A contemporary design full of function and space-saving abilities, we love this blushing room and all its creativity.

girls trundle bed

If your have a smaller home or apartment, with a need for space for two kids, trundle designs are a definite way to furnish and decorate. They’re already a very contemporary idea so your modern vision won’t be lost. And this particular hot pink and crisp white room was made for a couple of little girls full of vibrancy. There’s enough room for keeping tidy, keeping organized and keeping rested with enough room for a both and a great night’s sleep.

kids wall bed with trundle

At first glance, this quaint modular system is a beautiful display on how to keep a child’s room friendly but also stylishly modern and organized. But, that green foundation seen in this picture conceals another mattress to enjoy and lounge upon. Again, it’s perfect for sleepovers, when guests come to the house or to even use as storage when the mattress is gone.

light wood kids beds

A personal favorite of the entire compilation, this is the most traditionally styled modern idea of the bunch. Although its foundation is quite contemporary and innovative, this proves how simple accessorizing can truly change a look to its entirety. A mattress underneath provides another place for another body, but it’s also a great way to store off-season clothes, books, excess toys and more!

modern kids bedroom furniture

This entire design is much more relaxed and apparent than some of its predecessors. You can actually see the extra bedding within this system whereas in previous it’s hidden and tucked away. There’s not real benefit to either, it’s all about personal preferences and overall finish for your home. And this particular floor plan evokes a very youthful vibe but more influences by a high school or even college-age style.

red childrens bed

One of the smallest models on the list, this cherry-red piece is great to spruce up a little one’s living space. Weekend nights become more comfy and cozy than having to be in sleeping bags on the hard floor and the uniqueness of a young one’s space being styled in a ultra chic and modern vision overpowers in such a sweet and sophisticated way.

white modern trundle bed


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10 Must See Modern Trundle Beds Perfect for Small Spaces
Here are 10 Must See Modern Trundle Beds Perfect for Small Spaces that inspired us for their ability to conserve space while also offering several