10 Modern Wardrobe Cabinet Design Ideas

Modern Wardrobe Cabinet Designs

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A wardrobe cabinet is the perfect way to keep your bedroom clean and tidy. Wardrobe cabinets and armoires are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and materials to fit everyone’s needs and match any type of bedroom decor.
When searching for a clothing storage cabinet, first you need to determine how much space you need to keep things neat and organized and after you need to decide over the design and budget.
If budget is not a problem then you can take a look at these ten modern designs and get some inspiration for your future or current project.
Modern Wardrobe Cabinet Designs

But as important as the design, the materials used and the manufacturers are, is also important what will you actually find behind the doors. The main difference between a wardrobe cabinet and an armoire is the fact that the first ones include a wardrobe rail and a lot of them also have a set of drawers at the same time which may be really worthwhile, other then just a combination of shelves and drawers that both of them have. The minus of these pieces is that, even if they are taller, they are usually less spacious then the armoires.

Antibes Wardrobe by Piero Lissoni

These storage pieces designs have evolved a great deal over the years, becoming nowadays not only a necessity but also a focal point inside a bedroom’s decor if chosen tastefully. Another plus in favor of the wardrobe cabinets is the price and the modern looks, that can be more easily combined with other furniture pieces inside your bedroom. Most common designs being only a meter wide, they also fit well in smaller spaces which often you may perhaps not have the capacity to benefit from in another way.
Have a look at these freestanding closet design ideas and choose the one can give you the amount of space that you need and that would perfectly meet your interior’s needs.

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Modern Wardrobe Cabinet Designs

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