Modern And Chic Downdraft Cooktops From KitchenAid

The new Downdraft Cooktops from KitchenAid will aid (pardon the pun) those who love indulging in gastronomical adventures. Taking the art of cooking seriously, the contemporary styled cooktop with its no fuss design provides versatility and convenience to its user. The Downdraft Cooktops also comes equipped with a powerful ventilation system and the ceramic black surface with the hot surface indicator and the durable stainless steel knobs lend a chic air to it. Available in a 30inch gas or 30 and 36inch electric options, the collection unlike traditional cooking appliances lack a hood. The elimination of the hood not only maintains the modern aesthetical look but also allows for an open kitchen design. Prices begin at $1,250 and vary according to models.

Modern And Chic Downdraft Cooktops From KitchenAid
downdraft electric cooktop kitchenaid


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